Machine Learning Jupyter Notebook – Keyboard Shortcut (Command Mode & Edit Mode)


The Jupyter Notebook has two different keyboard input modes. Edit mode allows you to type code/text into a cell and is indicated by a green cell border. Command mode binds the keyboard to notebook level actions and is indicated by a grey cell border with a blue left margin.


Command Mode (press Esc to enable)

F : find and replace

Ctrl-Shift-P : open the command palette

Enter : enter edit mode

Shift-Enter : run cell, select below

Ctrl-Enter : run selected cells

Alt-Enter : run cell, insert below

Y : to code

M : to markdown

R : to raw

1 : to heading 1

2 : to heading 2

3 : to heading 3

4 : to heading 4

5 : to heading 5

6 : to heading 6

K : select cell above

Up : select cell above

Down : select cell below

J : select cell below

Shift-K : extend selected cells above

Shift-Up : extend selected cells above

Shift-Down : extend selected cells below

Shift-J : extend selected cells below

A : insert cell above

B : insert cell below

X : cut cell

C : copy cell

Shift-V : paste cell above

V : paste cell below

Z : undo cell deletion

D,D : delete selected cell

Shift-M : merge selected cells, or current cell with cell below if only one cell selected

Ctrl-S : Save and Checkpoint

S : Save and Checkpoint

L : toggle line numbers

O : toggle output of selected cells

Shift-O : toggle output scrolling of selected cells

H : show keyboard shortcuts

I,I : interrupt kernel

0,0 : restart the kernel (with dialog)

Esc : close the pager

Q : close the pager

Shift-Space : scroll notebook up

Space : scroll notebook down



Edit Mode (press Enter to enable)

Tab : code completion or indent

Shift-Tab : tooltip

Ctrl-] : indent

Ctrl-[ : dedent

Ctrl-A : select all

Ctrl-Z : undo

Ctrl-Shift-Z : redo

Ctrl-Y : redo

Ctrl-Home : go to cell start

Ctrl-Up : go to cell start

Ctrl-End : go to cell end

Ctrl-Down : go to cell end

Ctrl-Left : go one word left

Ctrl-Right : go one word right

Ctrl-Backspace : delete word before

Ctrl-Delete : delete word after

Ctrl-M : command mode

Ctrl-Shift-P : open the command palette

Esc : command mode

Shift-Enter : run cell, select below

Ctrl-Enter : run selected cells

Alt-Enter : run cell, insert below

Ctrl-Shift– : split cell

Ctrl-Shift-Subtract : split cell

Ctrl-S : Save and Checkpoint

Down : move cursor down

Up : move cursor up

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